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Welcome to the Blog!

With this first post, I join the ranks of the numerous book review blogs on WordPress. There are many of them, I know. Which is why I mean to spend the first post explaining why you should read this blog. (And also all of the others, which are lovely from what I’ve seen so far).

I am a Literature major, which is not a synonym for English major, but actually a descriptive term implying that I have given up any hope of gainful employment as a technical writer and am instead immersing myself in literary analysis and the pages of Russian novels until I graduate. Once in the real world, ironically, I intend to earn an MFA in writing fiction and work as a literary agent for Weird Books that No One Else Wants.

When I write this blog, I write not only as a reader who is looking for an enjoyable read, but as a scholar of literature who has spent many a sleepless night trying to figure out what some author from two hundred years ago was saying. In writing this blog, I hope to highlight both perspectives. Will I give a book a bad review if it has no literary meaning? I don’t know. Maybe. Probably. Depends on how genre-bound it is.

A note: I plan to review both literary and genre fiction, but as far as genre fiction goes, I am mostly interested in psychological thrillers, soft science fiction, urban fantasy, good YA, and historical fiction. The more weird prose choices, the better. I will accept both recommendations of books published by other people and submissions of books by self-published authors, so if you think you fit in somewhere there, feel free to let me know!